Arvind Krishnaswami, CEO

With more than a decade of experience in industry evaluations, business strategies, data analytics, data mining and predictive modeling, Arvind has pioneered new analytical frameworks and solutions for a number of industries including brokerage, insurance, mortgage, automobile financing and others.

Arvind has devoted years to evaluating the healthcare industry revenue cycle process – including patient process flow, patient collection and recovery systems, associated data and data architecture, government regulations, and financial impacts – through meetings with senior management at various hospitals as well as in-depth data analysis. This body of work has resulted in a new analytical model for analyzing healthcare data, which in turn transforms that data into tremendous cost savings and improved margins.

Prior to launching Medlytix, Arvind worked at Equifax Predictive Sciences where his duties included leading a team of consultants in identifying and solving complex problems using advanced technology and analytics across a spectrum of industries, including financial services, telecommunications and utilities, mortgages, personal finance, insurance, healthcare and brokerages. Arvind has significant experience in the design and development of generic, industry specific and customized scores utilizing data from credit databases, demographic databases and other sources. He was recently a panel member at the Consumer Bankers Association Conference discussing “Trends in Credit Scoring.” He also has been a speaker at many industry conferences and has conducted training seminars and workshops on credit scoring.

Arvind holds a BS in electrical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surat, India, and an MS in electrical engineering. He also earned an MBA in finance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.