Getting started

First, we spend time with your healthcare organization’s management team to review and understand your current business process, goals and objectives. The next step involves rigorous data-mining tests on your historical receivables. Based upon results from this initial review, Medlytix develops a customized solution designed to increase net cash through more efficient revenue management and to strengthen your overall fiscal bottom line.

The initial set-up period ranges from two to eight weeks, depending upon the depth of services required. In many circumstances, your data input can be automated, streamlining the process. Once this first phase is completed, additional time is necessary to fully analyze and interpret data in order to provide counsel and support that further strengthens your revenue management strategies and solutions.

Once solutions are established, rest assured that Medlytix will continue to work with you as a partner in your organization’s future success. That’s because our job starts where others’ end. Our team of analysts not only help you interpret critical data but also work with you to solve problems and enact real solutions.

Ultimately, Medlytix helps healthcare providers increase net cash by maximizing receivables and minimizing bad debt.