Accelerate your cash flow

16+ Years of Successfully Identifying Lost Opportunity for Our Clients

Healthcare Revenue Enhancement Talking in Meeting
Healthcare Revenue Enhancement Talking in Meeting

We believe providers should get accurately reimbursed for the work they do.

We are the only reimbursement intelligence partner you need with proven, precise, and personalized solutions. There is a reason more than 1,600 hospitals and providers trust us today.

The Bottom Line:

  • Increase Net Cash

    Increase net cash – upwards of several million dollars – through state-of-the-art analytics and technology.

  • Uncover Inefficiencies

    Uncover inefficiencies in revenue management and maximize cash collections across all payer groups.

  • Manage bad debt

    Manage bad debt expense much more efficiently, while keeping charity above the net revenue line.

  • Limit Liability

    Minimize your litigation exposure and limit your liability.

Healthcare Revenue Enhancement Increase Looking at Computer

Since our founding in 2006:

  • We have contributed to an average increase in net cash of $2 million per year for our clients.
  • We have worked with over 1,600 healthcare providers nationwide.
  • We have provided more than $900 million in financial assistance to nearly one million hospital patients.

Our mission is to help hospitals and other providers strengthen financial performance and impart even greater benefit to the communities that they serve.