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The chart (above) demonstrates the total net cash impact produced for a hospital client during the first nine months of its partnership with Medlytix. Although the identity of the hospital is not disclosed for proprietary reasons, the figures depict actual documented financial results.

Everyone benefits from a stronger and more efficient operation – from the provider to the patient. Which is why hospitals and healthcare companies across the country have partnered with Medlytix, benefiting from proven expertise and the latest technology to streamline their revenue cycles, eliminate inefficiencies, and maximize net cash.

With our exclusive product suite of reviqSm solutions, we craft custom strategies tailored specifically to your individual healthcare organization and patient base. Whether you use payeriqSm, CoviQsm, charityiqSm, paymentiqSm or autoiqSm (or a combination), you’ll definitely see an improvement in your bottom line – upwards of several million dollars.