Medlytix has developed the most successful technological solution on the market today in the recovery of unclaimed insurance reimbursements. Hospitals, physician groups and other providers routinely miss out on a portion of third-party payments from commercial insurance carriers and government aid that unfortunately falls through the cracks. Medlytix helps healthcare providers identify and capture these funds, potentially netting millions of dollars.

Two-stage implementation

The first stage in the implementation of payeriqSm is a “historical scrub” of the healthcare provider’s most recent 12 months of uninsured patient accounts to identify third-party insurance eligibility. For accounts where payeriqSm uncovers active eligibility, Medlytix then returns information necessary for the provider to easily file a claim directly with the third-party entity.

payeriqSm operates quickly and efficiently. Medlytix completes its data scrub in less than three business days (often within 24 hours ), allowing healthcare clients to realize new cash from patient accounts that once were considered “dead” — all within a month of getting started.

Ongoing searches

The next stage involves setting up an ongoing search process for third-party insurance eligibility on uninsured patient accounts. The review can be conducted on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

payeriqSm Advantages

  • Realize new cash on patient accounts that otherwise would have been written off.
  • Uncover cash from commercial insurance carriers that would never have been identified.
  • Identify and secure Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements that previously would have been lost.